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royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis

Royal Jelly - "A special 'synergy' exists when all four main products from the beehive are taken together" (Rita Elkins MH -  'Healing from the Hive')

The complete synergistic power of the beehive in one capsule, Total Bee Plus contains:- royal jelly - propolis - bee pollen and honey in one potent and affordable capsule.

'Total Bee Plus' - Over 134 nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals.

There are some manufacturers trying to emulate Total Bee Plus, none so far can offer ALL FOUR important beehive products in one capsule, along with 5000mg of active ingredient delivered daily from only four capsules. (more or less as required).

A Synergistic Blend Of All Four Beehive Products, "Total Bee Plus®" is widely taken for it's essential nutrients and as an aid in providing effective dietary supplementation. 

120 capsules per bottle, Total Bee Plus Delivers:

  • Royal Jelly  2400mg

  • Bee Pollen  1600mg

  • Bee Propolis  800mg

  • Honey  200mg

(Take two capsules twice daily for the above dosages, more or less as required.)

'Total Bee Plus' - Beehive products are associated with immune protection, providing energy, anti-depressive, weight regulation and much more*....Total Bee Plus Information - click here

    Don't just take our word for what our customers are saying here, or read what the experts have to say in 'Healing from the Hive' by Rita Elkins MH. A comprehensive guide to the power of Bee products with over 100 references to medical research and clinical trials. Download free Bee Products eBook

    Elkin's says: The list of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc in bee products is impressive..... ALL of the 22 basic elements that the human body in essential B vitamins and amino acids....*

    Total Bee Plus Nutrients - Click Here

    A whole months supply for only $24.95!! (Retail $39.95)

    Special discounts for 2 or more bottles - save $15.00 for 3 bottles!

    Internet special - boost your energy and stay protected for $16.20 per month!!...

     Royal Jelly - (Pure) - 100 Caps 1000mg ON SALE $16.95



    Whole Grain Bee Pollen - 100 Caps 500mg $9.49  Buy!



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    Bee Propolis  100 caps 500 mg - $8.95



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    'Queens Elixir' - fresh liquid RJ in a capsule....


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    If you prefer to buy single bee products - visit our complete beehive listing - click here

    Bee Product Benefits: - complete list of health benefits - click here

    Bee products are taken worldwide by athletes for energy, stamina, vitality and protection against many common ailments*

    Bee products are renowned for their 'longevity' and anti-aging properties, increased immune system protection and enhanced energy. With their high amino acid content, beehive products may provide us with so much more than energy and stamina!

    BUY Total Bee Plus®

    Royal Jelly - continues to baffle scientists. A highly complex compound, royal jelly has a chemistry which cannot be synthetically recreated by man. Natures finest, it has long been recognized as a potent bringer of health and vitality. Hormone rich, it revives and rejuvenates while battling infections and medical conditions, helps slow ageing and is often called nature's "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH". It is rich in minerals, natural hormones, B vitamins, fatty acid, and folic acids, along with aspartic acid which is important for tissue regeneration and growth.*

    Royal Jelly is a very complex mixture of compounds and contains approximately 12.34 % protein, 5.46% lipids and 12 to 15 % carbohydrates. Its vitamin content is B1 (Thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6 (Pyridoxine), Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Biothin, Insoitol, Folic Acid, Vitamin C* Its defined character is one of anti-viral, antibiotic, tonic, nutritive, anti-aging.*

    is associated with benefit to Immune system, cardiovascular, endocrine, integumentary, nervous, reproductive, cellular, skeletal, hepatic, respiratory*

    Other common associations of royal jelly and beehive products*: - 

    Anti-aging - hormonal stimulant - energy enhancer - natural antidepressant - weight control - cholesterol control - convalescent aid*

     More about bee products and Royal Jelly  

    Properties and benefits include anti-aging and longevity

    or more here.

    is widely used for its ability to remove 'free radicals' from the body. These toxins are harmful, and bee pollen is demonstrated to be effective in providing the anti-oxidants that remove these free radical toxins. Bee Pollen has an undetermined amount of HGH or human growth hormone. HGH is effective in the battle against aging (anti aging properties) and may promote longevity.* More about Bee Pollen) - more about longevity and anti aging  or visit

    PROPOLIS - Bee Propolis contains all the known vitamins except for vitamin K, and has fourteen of the 15 minerals that the human body requires for normal function. Nature's most powerful antibiotic, it fights infections in every part of the body, regulates hormones, stimulates immune functioning and more. More about Propolis  or visit

    Bee Products -  more information

    If you want to learn more about bee products, then please use our 'Natural Bee Supplements link for more information on natures finest offerings.


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